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Safer Dicksuckin'

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We at Blow Buddies don't want to tell you how to have sex, you should already know that. We do however want you to know the risks involved and we want you to be around in the future, year after year. We would also like to be here in the future with you, so please be reminded that we have a responsibility to our community to operate a safe facility and a commitment to educate our members about risk reduction. Keep it safer!

Recent 10-year research on this. And more from UCSF.

bulletCondoms are your best bet. Non-lubed rubbers are available free in several locations throughout the club.
bulletDon't take cum in your mouth. If you choose not to use a rubber when yer fuckin' face, it's better not to cum in your buddy's mouth or take cum (semen) in your mouth. The possibility of HIV infection or re-infection is nil when there is no exchange of body fluids. There are a few documented cases of HIV infection from oral sex. In these cases, the guys doin' the suckin' were getting cum in their mouths. It is recommended that you let that jism fly through the air, instead!
bulletIf you suck dick without using a rubber, don't brush or floss your teeth one hour before you latch on to a piece of meat. Don't suck cock without a rubber if you have had recent dental work or if you suspect you may have cuts, lesions or sores in your mouth or throat.
bulletSpeaking of sores, anyone with an STD is at a greater risk of transmitting/receiving HIV. Remember, a lot of STDs show up as sores, some ooze body fluids and body fluids can contain HIV! Try to make sure you and your partner are STD free.
bulletUse hydrogen peroxide after swingin' on a piece of meat. Hydrogen peroxide will destroy HIV on contact. If you don't use a condom, it may be a good idea to use the mouthwash before you suck, too.
bulletModeration is the key, buddy! Although dicksuckin' is a lower risk activity in itself, deep throatin' 7 fat honkers in one night is going to play havoc on your throat. The abrasion which may result will definitely make it easier to become infected or re-infected and makes dicksuckin' a lot more risky. All night suckin' can make a dick raw, those teeth, buddy!
bulletShaving your dick and balls is great. Just remember, do it at least a day before you go out on the prowl. Nicks and small cuts could be a problem so it's better to make sure they have healed somewhat before you plow a hot mouth.
bulletMetal cockrings or straps with metal snaps could be a hassle if your lip gets banged and the skin breaks. They also can cause abrasion at the base of your dick. Try a leather strap with the snaps behind yer nuts. Feels good too, buddy!
bulletThe use of "poppers" may be dangerous -- they bring blood closer to the surface of membranes which may undergo trauma during cocksuckin' or other man-to-man activities. This could be like inviting HIV right into your bloodstream! Poppers and Viagra, Levitra or Cialis are a deadly combo. Don't ever mix them.
bulletUse your mouth? Anybody who uses his mouth for anything sexual should know they are at risk of getting HEPATITIS. Say some dude sticks his finger up Rick's butt and Rick has hepatitis. Then the dude twists Joe's tit and Bill comes along and sucks Joe's tit. Then Bill sucks David's big ol' dick. And so do 3 other guys. Theoretically, those 3 guys and Bill can get hepatitis. Best bet is SEE YOUR DOC and get vaccinated. There are vaccines available for Hep A and B!
bulletAlready HIV positive? Some say you can get re-infected and getting re-infected can most certainly help degrade your immune system quicker. Stick around for awhile and be here for the cure!
bulletDrugs and alcohol are addictive, impair your judgment and are bad for your immune system. Any questions?

This flyer is available at the club.

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