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Folsom Street Fair - September 2018!

Join us as the Official Play Space for Folsom Street Fair before and after the Fair (which in 2018 is on the 30 of September). Make your hotel reservations early, this is the third largest tourist event in California and it fills up even San Francisco's many hotels! The week before (which is known as "Leather Week") and the week after the fair are especially fun in the city with great weather and lots of horny tourists. (Many guys hang around for Castro Street Fair which is the following Sunday -- Oct. 7, 2018.) Again, the next Folsom Street Fair  is Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 11am to 6pm between 7th and 12th on Folsom block North and one block West from Blow Buddies (933 Harrison Street -- between 5th and 6th).

The club is one block south of Folsom between 5th and 6th...

Click Folsom Street Fair for the Fair's website. See below for what's happening at BUDDIES. Pictures from previous fairs.

Click for enlarged versions: 

Leather Pride Week
the hottest parties of the year...


Thursday, Sept. 27
    Blow Buddies
    Gear/Nudity encouraged, but not required.
    Door 8pm-2:30am, play 'til the wee hours

Friday, Sept. 28
    Joint Blow Buddies & Gear Buddies (Enter with EITHER dress code)
Gear/Nudity encouraged, but not required.
    Door 8pm-4am, play 'til 6am

Saturday, Sept. 29
Joint Party: Golden Shower Buddies & Blow Buddies
    (leather welcome!)
    Special areas for water sports.
    Regular mazes and glory holes available.
    Door 6pm-4am, play 'til 6am!

Sunday, Sept. 30
After the Folsom Street Fair, cum visit Blow Buddies and meet a buddy!
    Blow Buddies (leather welcome!)
    Door 4pm-4am, play 'til 6am!

Monday, Oct. 1
    Special party! Blow Buddies (leather welcome!)
    Door 7-11pm, play 'til late

Tuesday, Sept. 23
   Closed for a rest. Ya wore us out!

Wednesday, Sept. 24
    Joint Party Naked Buddies
Enter with either dress code.
    Door 8pm-midnight, play 'til late

Official Fair Web site

Up Your Alley/Dore Alley Fair - July 2018

Join us as the official play space before and after the Fair.

The next Up Your Alley Fair (also known as the Dore Alley Fair) will be the last Sunday of July, 2016. This is the local's version of Folsom Street Fair. Visit BUDDIES for hot play parties in the days around the fair. Click Up Your Alley for the Fair's website.

Check out our calendar for hours and special events at Blow Buddies.

To find the Up Your Alley Fair, go to Folsom Street between 9th and 10th, across from the PowerHouse bar. Fair hours are 11am to 6pm. And, of course, our post-fair Party starts at 4pm and you can cum by after the fair, after dinner or after a visit to the bars...the doors are open until 2:30am and the party goes on till late! (Blow Buddies is only blocks from the Fair.)
The club is one block south of Folsom between 5th and 6th.
 Pictures and more pictures from previous fairs. Once you see these, you won't want to miss it, buddy!

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Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios. Used with permission.

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