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Naked Buddies is a private membership club for hot guys that like to strip down nude and get off with other guys who are also buck naked! 

Naked Buddies parties are on the first & third Wednesdays. Upcumming events: July 3, July 10*, July 17, Aug. 7, Aug. 14*, Aug. 21, Sept. 4, Sept. 11*, Sept. 18 To be informed of future Naked Buddy parties, guys, sign up for the "BUDDIES News" (our members-only newsletter -- monthly e-mail and/or quarterly paper mail).

* Second Wednesdays are in conjunction with Golden Shower Buddies.

The doors are open from 8pm-midnight ONLY, party 'til ??. Get here early, we shut the doors when full!

Clothes check is mandatory and free. No pants. No shirts. No towels. No kidding! At this Naked Buddies party, all clothing must be checked and cannot be worn in the play areas. For safety reasons, please, no bare feet or footwear that doesn't attach at the heel (such as flip-flops or sandals). Bring a lock if you want a locker or use the secure & free clothing check.  Absolutely no cologne or fragrance of any kind.

Membership required. Entry price is $20.

Buck naked guys are also VERY welcome at Blow Buddies (Thursday-Sunday).


See a calendar of Naked Buddies and other events at Blow Buddies.

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Sample comments from previous parties:

Hi, you hit pay dirt with the most recent Naked Party. I was incredibly turned on by the number of hot naked men, all of them eager to play. The sexual tension was palpable -- most guys spent the evening at various states of arousal (many sporting raging hardons), which only further encouraged me to jump into the fun. I can't remember the last time I felt so charged and uninhibited. Please consider scheduling naked parties more frequently!

Great time at the Wed. nude party!

Nude night was great! MORE!

It is a very friendly crowd. No pretense. Very fun. When's the next one? I'll be there!

Fantastic party! Sexy & healing for all our bodies of all ages, sizes and conditions. Congratulations!

Naked Buddies seemed to be a big hit - at least from all of the men there having a GREAT time. Naked Buddies ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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