Blow Buddies is an Official Charter Sponsor of the Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fairs.

Leather Buddies, aka Gear Buddies is a private membership club for hot guys in fetish gear such as leather, rubber and uniforms.

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Leather Buddies Parties are on the 4th Wednesday of the month.

Upcuming dates: July 24*, July 26**, Aug. 28*, Sept. 25*, Sept. 27**. To be informed of future Leather Buddy/Gear Buddy parties, guys, sign up for the "BUDDIES News" (our members-only newsletter -- monthly e-mail and/or quarterly paper mail).

*Because of the popularity of the joint Leather/Gear Buddies and Underwear Buddies parties, they are held jointly. Enter with either dress code.

**In honor of Up Your Alley & Folsom Street Fairs, join us for a joint Leather/Gear Buddies and Blow Buddies parties, on the Friday before the Fair. Enter with either dress code...doors 8pm to 4am, play 'til 6am.

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The doors are open from 8pm-midnight ONLY, party 'til ??.

The dress code for Leather Buddies/Gear Buddies includes of a wide variety of fetish gear -- no street clothes though. You can wear leather, rubber/neoprene, full sports gear, full construction gear, skinhead kit or just about any kind of uniform. You can go naked except for your boots. If you're doing rubber or leather, make it more than a cock ring or boots -- vest, pants, chaps and the like. Absolutely no dress shoes or sneakers unless they're part of your full sports gear or full dress uniform. Absolutely NO cologne or fragrances of any kind will be permitted! 

Free clothes check available. Bring a lock if you want a locker (first come, first served).

Equipment includes a bondage table, St. Andrew's crosses, slings, boot shine stand, glory holes, trough for wet play, etc. For fisting, we provide free gloves, bring your favorite lube.


Membership required. Entry price is $20.

NOTE: Leather/Gear play also common and welcome every Thursday thru Sunday night at Blow Buddies.

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