Golden Shower Buddies (GSB)
Golden Shower Buddies is a private membership club for hot guys into WET play (aka piss play or water sports). This is a YELLOW hankie zone!

Due to some maintenance we won't be able to do the reconfiguration of the club necessary for traditional Golden Shower Buddies parties for now. So we're doing a joint party with Naked Buddies. The Wet John and Whiz World is open for piss play, the rest of the club for Naked Buddies.

We meat-up on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Upcumming events: Mar. 8, Apr. 12, May 10 . To be informed of future Golden Shower Buddy parties, guys, sign up for "BUDDIES News" (our members-only newsletter -- monthly e-mail and/or quarterly paper mail).

The doors are open from 8:00-midnight ONLY, party lasts 'til ??. Get here early, we shut the doors when full.

Our dress code encourages sleazy play clothes like leather, rubber, uniforms, jockstraps, spandex, Levis, tank tops, underwear or no wear, buddy. For safety reasons, please, no bare feet or footwear that doesn't attach at the heel (such as flip-flops or sandals). If you're gonna wear slacks, you gotta check your shirt. But hey, most of our buddies cruise shirtless anyway because it gets real hot inside. In addition, absolutely no cologne. Fragrances are not allowed inside the club at any time. You might want to bring a change of dry clothes, 'cause what you wear might get piss on them!

Two big rooms, sling, optional clothes check, hand shower available (bring your own towel). Bring a lock if you want a locker.

Membership is required. Entry price is $17.


See a calendar of Wet Wednesdays and other events at Blow Buddies.

NOTE: Whiz World is open every Saturday night at Blow BuddiesAnd, a special john for wet play is open every night Buddies is open.


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Curious about the sex health issues of wet play?

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