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Writing on the wall (Comments about the club from members...)

I'm a horny pig from Spain, who travels a lot and enjoys visiting sex clubs worldwide, and I visited yours last Saturday night for the first time. I must say that Blow Buddies is one of the best sex clubs I've ever seen, guys! I love how nice your staff was, your policy of encouraging people to practice safe sex, and the club itself. The place was sleazy and fun, and the crowd was masculine, all shapes all ages and sizes, and willing to participate having a good time, respecting each other and with zero attitude. I want to congratulate you guys on your great job, I look forward to visit you again soon!
   - I via e-mail

My first time to San Francisco and going to Blow Buddies made it VERY memorable. Your place had to be one of the best and hottest places I have ever been. It was definitely HOT and I will CUM back for sure. I left my mark there in a few places...... mmmm mmmmm. THANK YOU for a very HOT time... 3 nights in a row as a matter of fact.... :-)... OINK.
Mark via e-mail

 THANKS! Yumm. Yumm. Yumm. And I'll toss in a "Woof!"

RK via e-mai

Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios. Used with permission.

I just have to tell you, I have been everywhere for hot wet piss play but your Golden Shower Buddies on wet Wednesday has to be the best. I love all the freedom of free flowing piss and hot men getting into action in every venue. Thanks for the club and keep up the good work. 

happy pissing parties, 
HB (via e-mail)

Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I've had at Blow Buddies. 

I'm from the east coast and there just isn't anything quite like it here. I'll be back in town next week and I'm looking forward to another intense evening at Blow Buddies.

Tom (via e-mail)

Was visiting SF from Belgium for the Folsom St. Fair last year, had a great time at BB. Lost my wallet and got it back the next day. BB is not only a very SEXY place but also a very HONEST one.

Thanks again and take care- Jan

Hey Guys, it's your friend from Mississippi, Love your place..visit every time i am in SF. In fact, i guess you guys like me too...get asked if i want a job every time i am there <ggg>. Out of curiosity, what's the biggest cock to walk through your doors?

Inquiring minds want to know..have seen a few record breakers there in the past. Kurt-Mississippi

Sorry, we don't keep those records! -BB

Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios. Used with permission.
Compliments, congratulations and all praise to the D.J. The best possible music for face-fucking and cock sucking. Just wish I could buy a tape…

the Buddies Comment box

You guys really do run the best sex club around -- and I've been all over. I was at Blow Buddies this past Memorial Day weekend both Friday and Saturday nights and had a great time! you sure put the "blow" in Blow Buddies!

I have been to "BB's" about 60 times now. The only thing bad about "BB's" is that it can be habit forming. It is the best dollar value going anywhere/anytime! I hate to give you guys ideas but you could charge double and still pack the place to full capacity! -SC

I'm afraid I got cum all over your website! Can't wait to get to SF to see the real thing. HOT! HOT! HOT! Nice job and thanks for sharing. Keep it up. -Z expectations were totally exceeded...My experience at Blow Buddies was incredible. Not just because of the many hot guys I encountered, but because the staff was so friendly and the facilities so well kept...I will be back!

This place is totally awesome! I live in London which has a great gay scene and have been to Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris and have had a great time...but never anything like this. Excellent music, too!

-- Buddies Comment Box


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On a recent visit to San Fran, my partner and I came into Blow Buddies (my first time) and just had an amazing experience stripping and sucking each other off with a bunch of hot guys looking at us the whole time, I still get horny thinking about it. Thank you so much for providing a place where we could have such a memorable experience. It is going to live on in my least until we cum back!!!!

W via e-mail

I came to your club for the first time last night and I had the best time ever! Thank you for providing a safe and clean environment for men to meet men in. I can't wait to get back up to the city next month. I am definitely going to plan a few extra days just to devote to "play time."  Thanks Again,  Jimmy via e-mail

Hi guys:

Just wanted to say I had a great time there last weekend. Was there Fri. and Sat. nights. Wow, great sex!!!! I love the guys at the door greeting me in. I love the emphasis on safe sex. It makes me feel a lot better about the place. It's also very CLEAN! And I also feel very safe when I go there...

Dang, had a three way on Sat. night that was one for the ages!!!!! Keep up the good work and I'll be back!!!!

Don via e-mail

Gentlemen...I visited San Francisco for business a few weeks ago and visited Blow Buddies for the first time. I am absolutely hooked! Being able to enjoy the fun at Blow Buddies is reason enough for me to move there! If there were a place like yours in my home town, I'd be there every weekend. 

Many thanks for a hot and enjoyable visit...

BB via e-mail

I just wanted to say thank you for a great time at the piss party and for great play on Saturday. Your facility is the best I've ever played in and your staff is very friendly and helpful. For once, I found a place where there is very low attitude and where the guys are willing to do stuff instead of just standing around. I'll definitely be back for another great time. My partner and I live in the Midwest and there is nothing like this anywhere near us.

Thanks again for a wonderful time!

Keep up the good work...your efforts pay off!

Rick via e-mail

Your place is my favorite place in this galactic sector!

JP - via AOL

I was visiting a friend during PRIDE and stopped at BB after another event - WHAT A GREAT PLACE YOU HAVE!!!!  I am from Chicago and wish that we had a place like yours here. I have not had so much fun and met such hot, nice guys in I don't know how long.

Every time I told myself that I needed to go, I would round a corner and another hot man was there to play -- needless to say I got home as the sun was coming up!!!  

Can't wait to make another trip out to SF and stop in for some more fun!!!


Thanks -

D (via e-mail)

Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios. Used with permsission.

I recently [heard] about being added to your monthly e-mail list. My membership just expired a few days ago but perhaps you can keep me on your mailing list anyway. I'm living in Hawaii these days, but SF is still my home away from home and Blow Buddies is one place I most like to visit when I'm in SF!

- PF

BB: Glad to hear from you, PF...happy to add you to the list! Expired cards are fine for verifying membership. Makes renewing easier, too. So hold on to it.

Hi, Blow Buddies, I'm mailing from Germany. I've just surfed on your site - and my English is probably too poor to express how glad I am I did so...

I used to be a frequent guest at your club when visiting SF in '92, '93 and '94 (not again since then - which is kind a tragedy since The City definitely is my place to be where I must have spent a former life...). And I do remember my visits VERY, VERY good - and not only because the membership cards are still on the pin board above my desk...

If you want to add it to your comments site: It's Blow Buddies where I got my BEST BLOW JOBS EVER (thanks to your members - and that great glory holes section of your club!).

By the way: A few weeks ago a friend of mine reported from SF that your club had to close down due to new restrictive gay politics in SF. To see your site updated on 12th May hopefully means that was just a rumor!? I do hope so indeed.

Keep up the good work - and keep open!

Horst from Essen/Germany

Dear Horst- Happy to say we are UP and running, never been shut down, just a false rumor. Thanks for the comments! -BB

I came to SF last year on business from London and enjoyed this place so much that I came all the way from England especially to visit this club for the weekend. It is like a dream. I can't believe it's real. Even the music is great! - Stephen

What a place you have...was there 3 weeks ago for the first time, had a great time, as a bi-married man who keeps things very discrete, and you can imagine why...married, children, career, etc, this was a great place to escape, and let the other half cum out and explore.

I manage to get up to the city about 4 times a year, and you can bet that I will make every attempt to stop bi again......too bad your not open every day...since my meeting take place on Tues, and Wed at times.

Again, great place, keep it up! 
L from

Photo courtesy of Raging Stallion Studios. Used with permission.

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