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As you may have already read, BUDDIES is a Private Club 

which requires membership.

Because it is private,

we think it is inappropriate to

show detailed pictures


 of the inside (and backyard) of the club, buddy.  

Who knows where they may appear?

But we do have some pictures so

you can see some of the art work that is

hangin' around the club.

Well, if you look closely, you'll see it's not really hangin' at all,

but part of the "furniture".

The artwork was done by our own David Ross and

this page is a tribute to all his

 HARD work.

  There's a lot more art, dirty pix & the like at the club.

But for that, you'll just have to come and see.



How's the club laid out you ask?

Well there's a locker room (bring your own lock, first-cum, first-served, but don't worry, there's a free coat/clothing check as well...if you haven't figured it out already, the club is not a more about the individual parties for dress code, but it ain't towels),

Two bathrooms (one especially for wet play),

Two social rooms where you can relax between pops

and then -- on two levels --  five other rooms of various sizes that are

all put together differently (with mazes, booths, etc.)

depending on the event (
see schedule).

Then there's a fun backyard area, buddy. Part of it's

strictly for play

and the other is a place you can take

a smoke break or just hang out.

Cum visit us...and meat a buddy!

Lots of men! Lots of cock! Lots of condoms!

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