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Bear Buddies is a private membership club hosting safer-sex events for bears, cubs and the men that luv 'em! 

Upcumming Bear Buddies events are on the following fifth Wednesdays: Aug. 29. On Fifth Wednesdays, the doors are open from 8pm-midnight ONLY, party 'til ??.

To be informed of future Bear Buddy parties, guys, sign up for "BUDDIES News" (our members-only newsletter  -- monthly e-mail and/or quarterly paper mail).

Our dress code encourages sleazy play clothes like leather, rubber, uniforms, jockstraps, spandex, Levis, tank tops, underwear or no wear, buddy. For safety reasons, please, no bare feet or footwear that doesn't attach at the heel (such as flip-flops or sandals). If you're gonna wear slacks, you gotta check your shirt. But hey, most of our buddies cruise shirtless anyway because it gets real hot inside. In addition, absolutely no cologne. Fragrances are not allowed inside the club at any time.

Clothes check is free or bring your own padlock if you want a locker (lockers are first-come, first-served).

Membership required. Entry is $17. 


See a calendar of events at Blow Buddies, a private club.

Glory holes, mirrors, muscles, service stalls, rooms, jail cell arenas, slings, backyard (outside) play area, and the like round out the large South of Market warehouse space we play in. Condoms, lube and latex gloves are free.

See you there! 

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